Plant Your Buffer


Working With Partners

The most successful buffer programs pool resources and support from various partners, including federal, state, and local agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations and corporations, volunteers, and the general public.


Technical Assistance

Conservation technical assistance is the help professionals provide to land users to address opportunities, concerns, and problems related to natural resources. NRCS is the principal agency for providing technical assistance to landowners and organizations.

Prioritizing Planting Locations

Depending on your objectives, there are multiple tools available to prioritize where to target buffer planting work.


Design and Plant Your Buffer

Find best management practices for designing and planting your buffers

Reporting and Crediting New Buffers

Buffering streams is an important part of your state’s Watershed Implementation Plan. Learn how to report your newly planted buffers to your state.

Bobby Whitescarver smiles next to a mature riparian forest buffer

Success Stories

Read about some of the partners who have restored more than 8,000 miles of riparian forest since the program started.