Buffer Success Story in Chestertown, MD

Roberta Ingram and her husband, Albert Deagazio, decided to enroll a total of 4.1 acres of their farmland in Chestertown, Maryland, into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). In 2001, 2.1 acres were converted into a runoff pond surrounded by grasses, and in 2003, 2 acres were converted into a riparian forest buffer consisting of native trees and grasses. They first decided to incorporate the riparian forest buffer and pond into their farm so that they could help improve the environment and make the best use out of their land by creating wildlife habitat, enhancing water quality, and collecting runoff.

Matt Ingram, son, was thankful for the CRP land as he took over 10 acres of farmland on the property in 2015. The main crop on the farm consists of strawberries, but he also grows assorted vegetables and melons, alongside raising chickens and 2 cows. Matt encourages farmers to incorporate buffers into their farm as they slow down the breeze that are hard on crops and are great habitat for insects and pollinators that help crops thrive. He also likes that the buffer is not taking away from his farm operation, and even though the buffer is small, it is still making a positive difference in his crops.