Accelerating the planting of riparian forest buffers

bobbys-7Bobby Whitescarver is a long-time conservationist and farmer who has a popular website and now an E-book on how to accelerate the planting of riparian forest buffers.

In this free book, Bobby shares how he and others did just that in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We have to sell conservation from the farmer’s perspective not ours. “I’ve never had a farmer tell me he installed riparian forest buffers because they wanted to sequester more carbon, or create pollinator corridors.  The most important part of the buffer system from the livestock farmer’s perspective is the watering system.  Improving herd health and removing livestock from “calving risk” areas are high on their list as well.” says Bobby. To read about this and more, submit your email to request this book made possible by a grant from the Campbell Foundation and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.