Chesapeake Riparian Forest Buffer Initiative


Starting in 1994, when riparian forest buffer (RFB) restoration became an official part of the Chesapeake Bay Program, and continuing through 2025, when current goals expire, the RFB initiative promises to be one of the most important practices for local watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay. This timeline highlights the milestones of the effort.  From 2008-2014, as the rate of restoration declined, a push to accelerate restoration began with a Leadership Summit in June 2014, and resulted in State Task Force reports (attached below).  These reports have been incorporated into the recent Riparian Forest Buffer Management Strategy and 2-year Workplan

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Click here to learn more about the Initiative and read the final State Task Force Reports.

Information from the State Task Force Reports were rolled into the Chesapeake Riparian Forest Buffer Management Strategy and Workplan.  This was one of 31 Management Strategies guiding the work of the Chesapeake Bay Program and can be found here.