Working With Partners

The most successful buffer programs pool resources and support from various partners, including federal, state, and local agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations and corporations, volunteers, and the general public. Learn More


Technical Assistance

Conservation technical assistance is the help professionals provide to land users to address opportunities, concerns, and problems related to natural resources. NRCS is the principal agency for providing technical assistance to landowners and organizations. Learn More


Funding a Forest Buffer Program

Agricultural producers may enroll in voluntary programs to partially or completely offset costs of establishing and sustaining forest buffers, and grants are available to practitioners to support innovative programs to accelerating forest buffer adoption. Learn More


Outreach to Target Audience

Approaching landowners about adopting riparian forest buffers requires a thoughtful and uniquely crafted message that considers the needs and interest of the individual. Here are existing tools to get you started on your outreach campaign. Learn More


Agricultural Programs

USDA provides voluntary, incentive-based conservation to landowners through local field offices in nearly every county. USDA helps landowners develop conservation plans and to implement conservation practices through cost-share programs. Usually, USDA financial support is leveraged with landowner investments. Learn More


Buffers in Developing Areas

Streams in developed areas benefit from having forest buffers, but unlike with agricultural land, there are no federal-state programs designated to convert these lands back to forests. Learn More


Sustaining A Healthy Forest Buffer

Prior to planting, site planning and preparation is necessary. After planting, good maintenance means greater tree survival. Learn More

Reporting new buffersReporting New Buffer Acres

Buffering streams is an important part of your state’s Watershed Implementation Plan. Learn how to report your newly planted buffers to your state. Learn More